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  • Death to: Privilege, Nepotism, Cronyism, Dynastic Wealth & Power, to Perpetual Inheritance of the Old World Order 6000 Ultra Rich and their Free Market Capitalism, Dumb Religions & Politicians.

Merit Furia


Middle English (originally in the sense ‘deserved reward or punishment’): via Old French from Latin meritum ‘due reward’, from mereri ‘earn, deserve’.

It meant something when people were closer to enlightenment and less when humanity is reaching endarkenment.


Borrowed from Latin furia means : fury, anger, rage, hurry, rush. Furia also is closely connected to the three Greek goddesses of vengeance, Furies (Alecto, Megaera, and Tisiphone).


Merit Furia combines both new and old written language meaning basically : The fury of merit, I deserve the fury. Our talents are furious and we definitely deserve the fury for fighting against the Old World Order and their paid servants that have declared war on all of humanity.


We are looking for Idealist : activists, philosophers, artists, mathematicians, scientists.

"Free" market capitalists, empiricist scientists, devoted practitioners of any religion except enlightened ones you are not welcomed here.

We recommend the following sites : Pythagorean Illuminati , Meritocracy Party , Nederlanders United , Temple Of Mathematics

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