Merit Furia - The Movement Reincarnated.
  • Death to privilege, nepotism, cronyism, dumb religions, puppet politicians, to dynastic wealth & power, to perpetual inheritance of the 6000-member ultra rich old world order and their free-market capitalist slavery.

Merit Furia - The Movement Reincarnated

Merit : Deserved reward or punishment, ‘due reward,’ ‘earn, deserve’... your place amongst the gods.

Furia : Fury, anger, rage, hurry, rush. Three Greek goddesses of vengeance, Furies (Alecto, Megaera, and Tisiphone.)

The synthesis : You deserve the fury of merit. Furious people with talent, fight the false gods, the Old World Order, the paid servants, that have declared war on all of humanity!


We don't need anyone really but if you are an idealist: activist, philosopher, artist, mathematician, scientist or wanderer then you are welcome to stay and progress further than any other person.

Free-market capitalists, empiricist scientists, devoted practitioners of any religion except mathematics, are not welcomed here and will be dealt with accordingly.

The following sites may prove to be useful to you (we don't recommend Facebook, but the first four are official Illuminati pages: ) Pythagorean Illuminati (official presence on Facebook) & Hyperborean (offical presence on Facebook) (new Illuminati page) & Pythagorean Illuminati (last article version saved on The Internet Archive) & The Meritocracy party (UK, final article version saved on The Internet Archive), Meritocracy, Meritocracy Party, Nederlanders United, Temple Of Mathematics & Mathematcs Chat.

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